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all of us here in florida [entries|friends|calendar]
desiree <3 marie

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[17 Jan 2005|04:47pm]

_heiress_ , _heiress_, _heiress_, _heiress_</span></span>



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new post, mostly pics [07 Jan 2005|09:27pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

not much has been going on, just school, working that sort of BS.



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[04 Jan 2005|10:07pm]
[ mood | silly ]

wow, its been so long, i miss you all A BUNCH.

me and evan had our one year on december 6. wow, i cant believe it's been a year. he got me the most beautiful diamond heart ring. i was so excited, i cried like a little baby.

christmas was pretty good, i got a car cd player and a bunch of money and clothes and shit, but the best gift : from evan - a massage, facial, and manicure at the EO spa in downtown orlando. im excited to go get it done, it will be my first massage and facial WOO.

new years was really romantic, me and evan just stayed in, in bed, and i got a killer kiss on midnight. i know we sound like party poopers but we went out last year and there was so many people that we didn't feel like dealing with this year. annnnd i felt like poop.

not really looking forward to going back to school. sunday night me and sammy j went to her friends house and played some cards with some beer, it was a good time, then we slept in and she went home and i went to alyssa's and watched some sex and the city and ate sonic, then last night after evan got off of work we went to his house and hung out with mike and peggy, and then they had to leave cause peggy had to be home at 12 so me and the ev went to sleeeeepy.

today was awesome. bought some sushi, watched some SATC, and then got some more SATC and ate some haagen dasz with my boyyy.

ok now im gonna go lay down and wait for evan to get off of work, i love you alll.

desiree marie

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[03 Dec 2004|10:59am]
abercrombie is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

thats amazing, i love abercrombie :)

i promise to update soon BYE!
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[08 Nov 2004|11:59am]

new hair, like it or not?
i wont change it if you dont
i just would like to know
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